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I have worked in the healing arts for the past 20-plus years - extensively both within the western medical model and outside of it. Within the corporate system I work as a physical therapist. I have a Doctoral degree in physical therapy and a Masters and Bachelors in science. I also have board certifications in Orthopedics and Geriatrics as well as a handful of other clinical credentials. I am also a registered yoga teacher. But degrees and credentials do not a healer make.

A personal healing journey led me to the indigenous work of the medicine wheel and subsequently to being initiated into the healing traditions and medicine practices of an ancient lineage from South America – the Laika/Q’ero. Currently my time is split between a physical therapy practice and an energy medicine practice - integrating the two seemingly separate worlds into a unique alchemy of healing.

True healing happens when we are able to rearrange our relationship to our wounds, not merely apply bandages to them. This involves an energetic exchange that ultimately works its way into all levels of interaction – physical, emotional, subconscious, spiritual. The medicine is experiential and cannot be explained. Most often, healing happens long before understanding occurs.

The business of healthcare has changed remarkably in recent years and in many ways has become the business of sick care, not healthcare; a place where lifespan and healthspan are not necessarily the same thing. These can be frustrating waters to navigate as a patient/client and as a consumer. Effectiveness, efficiency, and a relationship with our providers are the keys to any good healing foundation. They are fundamental to my practice.

A Bit About Me

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