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Transitions within our lives can be difficult sometimes. But the transition from this physical plane to the spiritual plane can cause significant upset for some – so much so that they can become unconscious of the journey they are embarking on, only to come back into their body having missed the beginning of their journey. We live in a culture that is fascinated with trauma yet terrified of death. Indigenous wisdom would have us remember that death reminds us to live fully. To live consciously is to show up for our own lives. To die consciously is to make the smoothest of transitions to the upper realms because our work here is done. Death is bound to time and we are here to break free of time.

Death Rites/Dying Consciously

To assist a person on their final journey home, to be of service in the transition from this plane to the next, is deeply gratifying work. The Death Rites are a process that help a person to complete unfinished business. They are rituals which allow a person to die consciously and to break the cycle of unconscious rebirth.

As with all shamanic work, the Death Rites are done within sacred space. There is no specific timeframe with this process as each person’s transition is different, but there is a specific journey.

The Great Life Review, the 7 Chakra Cleansing, Forgiveness/Granting permission to die, and the Great Death Spiral are all components of the Death Rites. These are ideally done in the time before a loved one’s physical death as shortly before that time a doorway opens between worlds. This transition is made so much more gracefully when the energetic burdens of history and trauma are already relinquished. The Luminous Energy Field is much more willing to let go of it’s adherence to the physical body when it is doing so in conscious and enlightened state.

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