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Reaching into the future and securing the greatest destiny for someone is the work of the Destiny Retrieval. Most indigenous cultures around the world practice destiny tracking. The idea is this – instead of taking a linear set of steps to accomplish a goal, it is much easier to track into the future and see the goal already accomplished. Then we are being pulled forward and guided by a finished work rather than pushing against all the possible obstacles that may stand in our way to get somewhere.

Humankind’s oldest myths claim that we all enter the world with a calling in our souls - the thing that gives each of our lives purpose. When that calling is not answered, all sorts of unfortunate events come to pass. Unexplored dreams never stop

Destiny Retrieval 

speaking to us. They will create insanity and instability in our lives eventually. Destiny is saying yes to the calling we’re born with, while fate is what happens when we fight or ignore our calling. The Destiny Retrieval is a powerful tool in helping us become the change we want to see in the world – in becoming our greatest potential.

The Destiny Retrieval involves tracking into potential futures and locating a client’s highest destiny/possibility and then bringing that back to the present moment and installing it into the client’s energetic system. In current day vernacular, it’s epigenetics - the ability to change how our genes express themselves in spite of how they may be preprogrammed.  It is essentially taking our lives into our own hands.

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