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The eagle and condor are the archetypal animals of the East on the Q’ero medicine wheel. They bring perspective into our lives.  From their height they can see that what we perceive as separated on the ground, is actually part of a unified whole.  They bring the the possibility of destiny to us by allowing us to see horizons we didn’t even know existed.  A different perspective is often all we need to let our limiting belief systems go.

The eagle and condor energetically bring transcendance, the ability to move beyond the roles, identities, addictions, and diagnoses we have either shackled ourselves to, or have been laid upon us.  In the East direction the eagle and condor teach us how to see life in the big picture and not get tied down in the minutia.  Once we can see a greater vision, then we can use the perspectives of the other archetypes to navigate our day-to-day world towards that vision.

EAGLE/Condor - Hatun Anka/Hatun Kuntur

The eagle and condor live in the consciousness of “Thy will be done”.  They move in pure energy.  They give us the courage to put the cart before the horse if that’s what the situation calls for.  They also remind us to not get too attached to our outcomes because what we think may be best for us may actually be a limited point of view.  

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, is associated with the eagle and condor.  This is the center of pure love.  Not simply sentimental love.  It is love that is ineffable and everpresent.  The Q’ero call it munay.  It is also known as agape.  It is the impersonal perfect love of creation; the love that the predator has for its prey, and vice versa.  The love that a flower has for the rain.  The energy of the heart is the energy of the eagle - freedom.

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