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The Illumination Process combusts most depleting energies in our Luminous Energy Field (LEF), but sometimes toxic energies can still cling to us energetically. They can settle into a specific area or they can move around our energetic field at will. Even though our LEF is generally very good at eliminating much of the depleting energy that surrounds us in day-to-day life, when we are under a continuous barrage of negativity, the defense system of the LEF can become overwhelmed. Whether this energy is self-generated by a continuous stream of negative self-talk or it’s being directed toward us from outside ourselves, the result can be the same. That depleting energy can crystallize and embed itself in the physical body. This can turn into an energetic block and/or an energetic leak. Both are significant drains on our available energetic resources. These are not our energies but they may feel like they are. Often they have been around so long they have become nearly material objects in our field. When this is the case, these energies must extracted manually.

​The Extraction Process takes place within the Illumination Process. Extractions are sometimes done with open dialog between myself and my client. Sometimes they are done silently within the session. I often will discuss any extraction work I did with you during the session if it seems relevant to the healing process. The risk of discussion though is that it can lead back into the story of the trauma. Often it’s the story that creates the suffering. Life has pain. Our physical and energetic body is well-equipped to process most of it. But suffering we often create by the stories that we perpetuate and wrap around our pain. Removing the energetic blocks with an Extraction is a powerful way for us to begin to take control of our lives again.

These depleting energies are typically related to an imprint, or unresolved trauma, either from this lifetime or a previous one. The important thing is not the story of the trauma, but that we rearrange our relationship to this trauma so that it no longer is blocking us from our greatest expression of who we can be. Whether these imprints are from a previous incarnation or from our current life today does not matter much energetically. They are stories that live within us and inform our thoughts and our actions, often unconsciously. Unless these depleting energies are removed, they will continue to keep us in the same unconscious patterns that we have been beholden to, often for years, occasionally for lifetimes.

Cord Cutting

for the lessons learned by their presence in our lives. Then and only then can the cord be effectively cut. When we free others, we free ourselves.

Cords are similar to the heavy energies that get removed with the Extraction Process, but cords are energetically connected to another person. They are energy leaks that rob us of our vital life force and drain our Luminous Energy Field. Whether we are aware of them or not, they are like a hole in a bucket.

Unless they are cut and they will continue to deplete us. These cords are typically attached to the ones we love the most – alive or passed on, in our lives or not. Cutting these cords is a dynamic process that involves dialog between myself and my client. There needs to be a sincere desire to let loose our hold on someone before we can cut the energetic cord and release them to their greatest destiny. The process involves a time to say the things that need to be said to the other and also a time for gratitude

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