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Fire Ceremony

Fire ceremonies are common practice in many medicine traditions. The fire provides an ancient and familiar alchemy that allows us to not only move into a space of receptivity but also a consciousness of willingness to release what no longer serves us. Fire has been used for millennia as a tool for transformation. It is the ceremony within sacred space that allows us to access the deepest parts of ourselves – those placesthat often seem both familiar and unknown at the same time.

Fire ceremonies are usually held around the lunar cycle – new and full moons, but can be done anytime. They are performed in sacred space and typically with an intention in mind – sometimes releasing old stories, identities, or limiting beliefs and sometimes manifesting our highest destinies. Whatever the intention, it is brought to the fire with an offering – a bundle of burnable objects, a stick, etc.. This offering helps place us in balance with Pachamama (Mother Earth). It reminds us that we are related to each other and to everything around us, not separate from everyone and everything. As the fire combusts our offerings, the smoke rises and carries them to Inti Tayta (Father Sky/Sun), again reminding us of our place in the great circle of life.

Fire speaks to our deepest mythology – our subconscious mind – the place of dreams and stories. It is here in this rarely visited landscape that great change can happen. Fire ceremony is a way of traveling to that landscape and creating a bigger map with which to navigate our lives. The alchemy of the fire ceremony does not end with the closing of sacred space. It lingers for a good time afterwards. Our intentions have opportunities in the following days to become manifest if we remain mindful and present.

I can facilitate fire ceremonies for you and guests/family or for you as an individual. I can show you how to create your own ceremony and how to open sacred space. I have many friends and colleagues that do fire ceremonies in southern California and I will post those on this site as they come up.

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