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The Illumination is the core practice of this energy medicine. It is a profound healing that brings us back into balance, what the Qero shaman call ayni. Ayni means right relationship – a right relationship with all life – the self, other people, animals, plants – the planet. True healing happens when there is a rearrangement of our relationship with our wounds, not just an alleviation of our symptoms. Leaving a “toxic” relationship is a way to cure the immediacy of a problem, but healing the underlying energetic reasons that we keep ending

up in those relationships is when true healing happens. When we make better decisions because we are in balance with life and not triggered by external circumstances, our relationships to our wounds change. We can heal at a soul level and we can learn to live in peace. This is the power that the Illumination process can begin to provide.

The Illumination is like a massive clearing and recalibrating of our energy field. In this work it is known as our Luminous Energy Field (LEF). It clears our chakra system of the draining energies it can collect over time and with trauma (emotional and physical). It combusts toxic energy around physical and emotional imprints in our LEF and scours the LEF clean of those imprints, or traumas, that may be in our energetic field. When these imprints are erased, one can readily change negative emotions and behaviors. The power of our immune system is amplified so that physical healing is accelerated. Shaman are unconcerned with diagnosis, but very concerned with returning people to energetic balance with Life, with Nature, with Spirit, so that real healing can begin.

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