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The jaguar is the archetypal animal of the West direction on the Q’ero medicine wheel. It represents renewal and sudden transformation.  It is the king of the jungle with no natural predators and moves with precision, certainty, and impeccability.  The jaguar is associated with the cycle of life and death.  Energetically, it devours what no longer serves us and pounces without hesitation into what we are becoming.  There is nothing incremental or gradual about jaguar energy.  It sees opportunity in sickness, in that healing is not a chance to get back to normal, but rather to leap beyond our previous circumstances.


On an energetic level, the jaguar is the place of our mental and emotional self.  Curiosity lives here.  At the level of the jaguar, nothing is exactly as it appears to be.  Our perceptions color the painting of reality in front of us.  Our beliefs systems heavily dictate the world we see.  The jaguar knows that stability is an illusion and that comfort comes from being in the present moment, not from hanging on to the happenings of the past.  The jaguar knows that if we don’t write our story, our story writes us.

Jaguar - Otorongo

Jaguar teaches us how to be in balance with life.  It teaches us how to track patterns and listen to nature.  But it also tracks us if we are out of balance and not being true to path.  It will devour us if we do not answer the call within us.  

The jaguar is associated with the second chakra, the sacral chakra.  It is the energetic center at the base of our gut - the place of passion and sexuality, of fear and self-esteem.  Inherited stories and issues manifest here and it is the jaguar that helps those things to die so there can be a rebirth into a higher state.

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