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Why are we doing what we’re doing?  That is the leveling question.


Why are we doing what we’re doing? That is the leveling question. There is little more pressing to get to the heart of than the intention behind our actions. Our destiny is ultimately determined by our motivations because they will drive what we think, what we believe, and eventually, what we do. We may be able to fake it for awhile, but sooner or later our intentions will be revealed. Emerson said, "your actions speak so loudly, I can not hear what you say".

The reasonings behind our daily actions are best run by the barometer of our intentions before those activities are put into motion. Spirit will give us the right direction if we would only listen. Our intention needs only be to do just that.

If we enter the stillness with the singleness of purpose of hearing guidance, it will make Itself heard.

Our action needs only be to follow through with the direction we are given. If our intentions are based in what we truly believe to be right, and our actions line up with those intentions, our external world will recreate itself because we are given the gift of a clearer lens through which to see. In short, the world doesn't get better, we get better.

Since authentic spiritual change happens from the inside out, the manifestations we come to see in our outward world are not a result of it coming into conformity with our desires, but rather that we are coming into conformity with Spirit’s desires for us. And as a result, our perception of the world changes. Priorities rearrange themselves. Calmness transcends from turbulence. Obligations are remodeled into gifts.

We no longer need to live in the identity crisis that occurs from a life of intending to do the right thing and then taking actions to the contrary.

It is easy to fool ourselves into thinking we are doing things for the right reasons. It takes a fearless and honest analysis of our motives if we are to earnestly dismantle our ego and look at the true intentions behind what it is we are thinking of doing. We can often find a self-centered reason hanging in the shadows. We are often looking for a specific outcome, attached to a specific result. But if, when we search at that deepest level, we find only a true desire to do what it is we think Spirit would have us do, then that is likely a better decision to make - maybe not easier, but likely better. Then we are much more in the plan instead of the result. So, go with it.

I don’t know about you, but I was consistently being told that I was making things harder than they needed to be. My teachers suggested I try forgetting about what my intellect and my highly volatile emotions were telling me and to really focus on my gut. If it was knotted with anxiety, the right decision would likely untie it.

Even if the right decision was not what I wanted, I could trust that what I needed would bring an honest sense of knowing - The same sense of knowing that we all feel when we hear the Truth.

The truth pierces through all of our defenses that we have so arduously constructed. Right decision will always manifest itself physically in the body as a gentle knowing at the core because deep down we always know the right thing to do. There is nothing more powerful than the intention behind our thoughts and actions, for our destiny is its byproduct.

The self longs to know the Self. Alberto Villoldo said, “The shaman understands that you dream the world into being.” So what is the world we want to create? If we align our intentions to those of the purpose that has been divinely placed inside each of us, we will see with great clarity horizons of possibility around us we never knew existed.

The best way to predict the future is to invent it

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