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Soul Retrieval

Soul is the best word we have for that essential part of ourselves that seems to have preceded our entry into this world, yet also endures beyond our time. (Villoldo 2005) For the Qero medicine people, as with most indigenous cultures, the soul contains all the memories and information from every incarnation we have had. It also contains the potential for who we can become. Thus, our soul is on a journey to its fullest potential – its highest destiny.

This potential can become interrupted with severe trauma – whetherin this life or a previous one. When trauma is significant enough, the soul can splinter and pieces of it can appear to be lost, leaving us wounded and searching for fulfillment.

These lost fragments of one’s soul are pieces of life energy that are no longer available for one’s growth. This often leaves people trapped in unconscious patterns of thought and behavior – reverting to outdated feelings

and reactions when life stressors present themselves. Diagnostic labels prevail in this arena – physical trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, engulfment, insecurity, fear, and so on. The persistence of this language and the stories behind this language are often indications that a soul piece has gone missing.

Retrieving these lost soul pieces and reintegrating them with people is an extremely powerful process. It can be unsettling as we have sometimes forgotten or repressed the wounds that caused this splintering of our soul to happen in the first place. Often one soul retrieval session can accomplish what may take months or years to heal with traditional talk therapy. This process is only done after I have worked with a client in previous sessions to clear their Luminous Energy Field and removed any blocked energy within their physical body with the Extraction Process.

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