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Space Clearing

Clearing a space or a home of stagnant energetic signatures can be a powerful way of freeing up an area so that it is easier and more pleasant to move through and thrive in – physically, emotionally, and energetically. Energy can “stick” to a place for many reasons; sometimes traumatic, sometimes simply because of repetitive history that occurred in the space. When something traumatic happens in a space, an energetic signature can be created. When the same thing happens over and over in a space, the same thing can happen. Often we are over-fixated on the story behind why an energy may be in a space. When in actuality the story has little do with whether or not the space can be cleared.

It is important to remember that energy or entities that may be stuck to a physical space are simply there because they have not found or been shown their way home. They are out of place in the physical world and can create what is interpreted as negativity, fear, or haunting. The goal of space clearing is not to destroy these energies but to assist them on a journey home with love and freedom – to help them move from this physical plane to their rightful place in the spiritual plane.

This ceremony is done in sacred space and with several energetic walls of protection around myself and anybody participating. Sometimes these energies have gotten used to being here and take some convincing to leave, but typically they go without much work at all.


I use smoke, feathers, rattles, and crystals in the process. All of the ceremony is performed within prayers of protection. It is a simple and very effective way to reset the energetic signature of your home/business/space/etc.

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